The slab leak: nightmare of every homeowner with sub-slab plumbing. And with one of California’s largest concentrations of slab-foundation homes, the greater Sacramento area has its share of such nightmares. A hole the size of a ballpoint pen can leak thousands of gallons a day. Maybe your hot water heater won’t shut off. Perhaps you see water pouring out the side of your foundation. You’ve got a slab leak and now you’ve got to find a needle in a haystack. If you’re not careful, the nightmare scenario follows: Floors are ripped up. Cabinetry is torn out. Like digging for treasure, jackhammers riddle the floor with exploratory access holes.Instead, you could call us. Our experienced technicians use non-invasive, non-destructive equipment to systematically map out all sub-slab lines, pressure test the entire system with non-toxic carbon dioxide or helium, and locate your leak. But we don’t stop there. If you've got a hot-water leak, we also check the cold-water lines to make sure we don't miss a secondary leak. We also locate manifolds in case a reroute is necessary.

A high water bill, a mysterious sound, or puddling water may be your only clue that there's a leak. Like all good detectives, our leak technicians pull together all the clues and investigate thoroughly to resolve the problem. Whether we're working on a service line from meter to house, a commercial fire main, a hot or cold slab leak, a high-pressure irrigation main, or a gas leak, we aim for the highest level of accuracy.Help save water Call A Sewer Guy Plumbing today to stop your water meter from spinning 

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